K9 Label has passion for producing name badges K9

K9 Label has passion for producing name badges K9

Name badges k9 are not called name tags by everyone. There are several names for them which are been used. For example stickers, tags, name cards, labels, badges. Personally we think it is very difficult to discribe. But we like to call them labels. However the subscribtion name badges are regularly used, but also velcro stickers, printed labels, logo etikets, name etikets.

Which word do you use for this items? Please let us know, we are very curious. By the way, we are making very personalised name bages for K9 harness of all brands. And we produce them very, very quick. We can tell that we are the fastest of the Benelux and may be in all of Europe, who knows in the whole world. And after all we are a very little bit proud of it.

The name badges are very easy to order online and as much as possible all by your wishes.

K9-label has PASSION for badges.

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