How is the making of name patches by K9-label occure?

Origin of K9-Label

Origin of K9-Label? We designed and embroidered logo’s for promotional textiles. Also we love dogs and were specialised in pictures of dogs ( With merchandigsing of dogs we visited various dog events at home and abroad. At those events we sold caps with embroidered breeds, transfers for t-shirts and so on. Besides that we had a lot of customers which were  running a shop at the club of dog breeders associations.

At one of those dog events we met our friends. They had a stand with dog items among witch were dog harnesses. This caused the ball to roll. For there dog SARAH we made our first pair of name tags. They were so excited about Sarah’s name tags. At an other new dog event, they sent their customers to us for personalised name tags. 

It’s been a while, it was in 2012. Then we also wanted to make a website and that starts with the design of a name and that did not happen smoothly. Of all, the revue has passed, it had to be short but powerful, recognizable and represent that we make name tags. K9 (canine) stands for dog in English. Furthermore, what we do; manufacturing name tags.

That’s the Origin of K9-Label. Sometimes the name may be a bit confusing. But easy for everyone to remember. Simply put, all labels are designed and produced by K9 label in the Netherlands. Based on our own creativity, extensive knowledge and experience. But of course personalised at your request. Simply put, all labels are designed and produced by the K9 label in the Netherlands, based on our own creativity, extensive knowledge and experience.

Handmade in Holland and we are very proud of that. We think it’s very important that the labels we make are functional and of high quality. The labels are also unique and colorful,

We do understand that you would like your labels soon for your beloved dog. In spite of the fact that we have to produce the labels,  all labels leave our studio very smoothly at all times.

We are very pleased with all the nice pictures of dogs with their new name tags on our facebook page. So do you have a nice photo of your dog with our nametags? Please, we love to see him or her.

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