Step-by-step blog we want to help you when ordering labels, just step-by-step. We offer a wide range of possible labels for your dogs harness. Budget labels, Basic labels, DIY labels, Luxurious Labels. When you are at our home page, just go to ‘labels’ to your left.

At once, just before klicking, you already see the three sizes of whom you can choose for. 8×2 cm, 11×3 cm and 16×5 cm. Just measure the velcro at your dog’s harness to be sure what you need.

For example you need 11×3 cm labels, klick on that image and the following page appears.

Now again at the left, you can sort the labels in what you want. Perhaps the budget labels, no much to think about. Always a pair of two labels, just fill in the name of your dog and add to basket, that’s all.

Maybe one basic label with a phone number and one luxurious label with the name of your dog, so be our guest to fill those forms in and add to basket.

We have tried to make ordering labels much easier, even when ordering of a phone. Please let us know when this step-by-step blog was helpfull for you, or did you miss anything we can complete this blog with?

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