Budget Labels

A set of budget labels are personalised, printed labels. Avaible in three different sizes, 8×2, 11×3 and 16×5 cm. We made it easy for you while we made the most important choises. So now you just fill in the name or wished text. We offer you the most familiar font offered in the world of name tags, you recognise it for sure. This font is frequently asked for. Besides de font we will make sure the text at the name tag is best readable ever. Because the text color is bright white. So, you just fill in the name and we take care of everything.

For this profitable price you get cheap labels by acceptable quality.

Standard you will get two equal labels. One for the left and one for the right side of the harness. A beautiful, personalised pair of budget labels, both printed with the same text as desired. Not only the name of the dog is possible, for example you can think of telephone number, kennelname, association, or the job of the dog such as helping dog, servicedog. But also a warning as DO NOT PET, NO FEEDING.

  • no choice stress
  • familiar font
  • clear text color
  • quick order
  • profitable price

Is your dog looking for a harness? Please check this page.

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