Measuring is knowing

Measuring is knowing

It is a pitty, but it happens quit often that men orders the wrong size of labels. We do understand completely dat this is very disappointing. That is why we advise to measure the labels which are at the harness. Just to be sure! When this labels are missing or lost? Please measure the velcro at the harness, just to know which size labels fits best.

Quit often the tiny size 8×2 labels were ordered. Though this size is very rare. At the new IDC Power harnesses of Julius is 11×3 the minimum size. Much people are asking if we do know which size labels are fitting to a very kind harness of Julius. Well, at the small sizes IDC Powerharnesses till size 0 enclosed you will need the small labels of 11×3 cm. From size 1 til 4 you need the large size of 16×5 cm.

Most people do have a measuring tape, roll size, linear. So you can simple take the right size of labels you need. We offer 3 standard measurements, 8×2 cm, de 11×3 cm and the 16×5 cm. Our whole production proces is set to producing the labels very quickly. As so far we keep up by these sizes in order not to delay delivery time.

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