Track & trace

Track & trace

Track & Trace

Many times we got the question if there is a track & trace for following the order. For sure you need this information, so we will explain how it works. 


When you order with us and you are at the level of fill in your name and adress, there is also an option for delivery. Within Europe you can choose for PostNL of DPD/DHL.

PostNL we use for the most cheap way of sending, WITH STAMPS. Unfortunately there will be no track & trace from sending from The Netherlands with stamps. So that is why we ask a little bit of patience from our customers. 99,9% will be delivered within several days within the Netherlands. For countries within Europe most of the shipment will be within 14 days. We ask please wait 15 working days at the most, before emailing with us. 

All over the world shipment

We also sent labels all over the world. Also with stamps, it is the most cheap way to ship our labels, they fit in an envelope and it easily fits in your mailbox at your home. But the world is very large, with great amounts of kilomters. The aireplane will bring your order with you, but due to the extreme long distances, it can delay everywhere. So are you waiting for your labels in Canada, USA, Australia or New Sealand? Please be patient, if your adress is given the right way to us. Your labels will find their way to you. But sometimes we all have to be patience.


The other partner we use is DPD. If you want to follow your order, than you need to choose for DPD to get Track & Trace. Your order will be put in a small cardboard letter box and there it goes. From DPD you will get your track&trace code. Most of the times they will get along with the delivery. Sometimes it got back to us. No worries, than we will send it again to you.


Do you live in a country far, far away from the Netherlands; than you can choose for DHL. For example to USA and Australia. If track & trace works fine, to be honoust? We don’t know actually. But the packages in cardboard letterboxes find there way to our customers, mostly some days more than they promiss.

So there is a choice, but most important off all is your patience. Although we know you’d like to have your order as soon as possible in your hands. 


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