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High quality printed labels in size 8 x2 cm, specially made for your dogs harness. These perfect fitting labels are suitable for different kind of brands. All the brands provided with velcro are ok. At the brand of Julius these size is required for sometimes baby 1.

Set printed labels in an effort. One for the left and one for the right side of the harness. A perfect, personalised pair of labels, both printed with the same text as wished. Not only the name of the dog is possible, for example you can think of telephone number, kennelname, association, or the job of the dog such as helping dog, servicedog. But also a warning as DO NOT PET, NO FEEDING. To be sure: measuring is knowing! So, please get a tape-measure, to be sure you order the right size. Perhaps it is 8 x 2 cm.

The surface is black artificial leather. The back is provided with Velcro. The text is cut from flex foil and pressed with heatpress to the leather. The text is applied as nicely and in the center as possible. High quality labels with flex foil that does not let go and therefore the labels are very durable and last a very long time. These perfect labels are very easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Tip K9-Label: with long texts, a simple font as ARIAL gives the best result for readability. But with very short names as Beau or Max than a special font as ALLSTAR is very nice.

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