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Set design label 8×2

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You create a design by yourself. Does your dog for example, has a function within your company. Then you may process your logo on the label so your dog wears a business label and advertises for you.

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Design labels are a stylish  SET of labels in the size 8 x 2  cm has been made by printing a full colour print design at polyester fabric and has black velcro sewn at the back of the fabric. That is why you can easily change labels at the harness of your dog. If you like to have two equal labels, for one at the left and one at the right side of the harness, you choose this set.

What do we need?

When you choose these design labels you are very handy with the programmes of Photoshop or Paint at your computer. In one of these programmes you have made your own design (please notice that you do not use very small details or lines, but please; letters as big as possible). 

The design has to be 8 x 2 cm in size and does need 300 dpi so we can make a very nice set of design labels for you. Please notice that your design is not too small as 3 x 1 cm for example. Please check the size of your design twice. 

Evenso it is very important for you to know, that we work with the most usable profiles of color by Adobe RGB.

Tip: Design fitting labels for a company or association, so your dog can make a little big of advertisement or show where he or she is a member of. 

If you do not have any harness for your dog yet, please take a look at our harnesses

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