Seguro Harness

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For best fit, measure the girth of the dog. Girth will take priority when selecting a size.
The girth being the area behind the front legs and around the body.
Fitted correctly, the harness should be snug on the dog and not too tight.


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Nobby Seguro dogharness

Seguro Harness of the brand Nobby has an ergonomic design, that is why the comfort for your dog is perfect! It is a very strong harness, made of nylon. Evenso it has a lovely soft fleece lining. The nylon is stain resistant and  very strong, therefor also useable in all weather conditions.

At the top of the Seguro harness you fine a handle of nylon to hold your dog short in a situation when there is no leash. This handle you can easily hide and stick because of a velcro loop. So your dog cannot stuck during playing. The harness also has 2 rings to fasten accessoires.

The reflective chest strap closes with velcro. Very easy to fit to your dog. The waistband has sliders which also is easy to adjust. (With large dogs it is necessary to keep a hand there between and with small dogs two fingers, should not be too tight). The waistband closes with a hardened sturdy belt buckle.  Because of the reflective piping at the chest strap and the reflective stitching is your dog always very good visible in the dark.

The cervical vertebrae of the dog will be spared by the use of a harness. The dog has freedom of movement.

At both sides of the harness there is room to stick nice and funny namestraps. Your dog can ‘talk’ by those labels to send a message of there job, training or anything else what’s important to tell.

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