One embroidered label 11×3

€ 5.60

A single, embroidered label with the name of your dog, or the job of your dog.


    The following options can, at extra cost, as an extra on the label but are not required and are only posted if space permits.

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A single, embroidered label in the medium size 11×3 cm. Of course that is possible. You can think of many situations in which you want to order just one piece. Measuring is knowing! So, to be sure, please get the tape-measure, to order the right size! A beautiful, personalised label, embroidered with the text as desired. Not only the name of the dog is possible, for example you can think of telephone number, kennelname, association, or the job of the dog such as helping dog, servicedog. Tip: When your text is more than 6 characters please choose a small font as compacta bold for example. Perhaps you want two different labels? Please, you can order one single, personalised embroidered label again.

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Weight 10 g