North leash

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  • Sturdy, weather-resistant nylon
  • Modern weave pattern in two fashionable colors
  • Strong carbon gray metal 360° snap buckle
  • Handle with soft neoprene lining
  • Ideal for adventurous hiking and walking tours

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The Explor North leash petrol of the brand Duvo+ is a very durable, wheaterproof and comfortable leash woven from two colours of nylon in petrol/grey. The leash has a very sturdy brushed metal snap hook. The leash is finished with soft neoprene lining in the handle, which feels very comfortable.

  • North leash petrol made of very sturdy wheaterproof nylon.
  • Modern weaf in two fashionable colors.
  • Sturdy carbon gray metal 360° hook.
  • Handle with soft neoprene lining.
  • Ideal for great adventural hiking

The modern weaving and durable materials take care of more comfort and safety on the way, for both owners as well as their dogs.  This  North leash is of superieur quality, you can say luxurious and has a soft neoprene lining in the handle with a very sturdy metal snap hook to close with. Special designed for active dogs. A very luxurious leash in 100 of 120 cm long.

The beauty of this nylon leash is the brushed snap hook. It is not a standard hook, Mooie van deze nylon riem is de geborstelde musketonhaak. Het is geen standaard haak, where a catch  slides down and and clicks on the collar.This catch can sometimes break of, when it touches the street. The North snap hook, flips in like a mountain hook.

The most ideal leash for adventurous hikers. Go out, this North leash is suitable for a great outdoor adventure. 

Go out & EXPLOR! 

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