IDC Beltharness

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This NEW Julius IDC belt harness stands for quality, safety and modern design. The renewed lining of the chest belt ensures an ideal distribution of tensile stress on the breastbone.

The belt harness has infinitely adjustable belts on the chest and belly which ensure a perfect fit to the body shape of your dog. Regular checks and tests show that the buckle is unbreakable.

In addition to the metal ring for securing the line, a handy handle is provided. You can briefly lift or hold the dog with this handle. The handle is pressed with a velcro to prevent a free-running dog from sticking.

By default, the harness is provided with velcro on both sides to attach personalized labels.
This high-quality belt harness (without cover) is airy and less covering. Also a perfect alternative for use during the hot summer months.

The belt harness is ideal for sporting activities, trips or professional use.

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