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Frisbee labels

Frisbee-labels is a unique special design labels for your dog who works on its condition. These dog sport is for the dog who works at its condition. Thse dog sport is an explosive power sport for dogs. Our design department has  mad a very attractive design with ofcourse a lot of frisbees  and a vest to protect the back and the dog. At polyester fabric will these print been pressed by enormous heat. You want to be seen with these labels. Do you do dog frisbee together with your dog for fun or compatitive?  Then these labels are really somthing for you and your dog.


These labels have velcro at the back. This velcro has been sewn so you can change easily labels at the dog harnesse. The print is colourfast and will no fade or dessapear. These Frisbee-labels are very sustainable and go dog life with no effort.

How many:

When you order these labels; you will receive a set of two pieces. One for the left and one for the right side of the harness.


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