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Flyball labels
Flyball labels are unique labels. For the very sporting dog that does this real dog sport. The design 
department has made a particularly attractive design. Of course a gate, a ball device and of course a 
ball. This unique print is pressed to polyester fabric with enormous heat. You want to be seen with 
these labels. Are you doing flyball together with your dog in a recreational or competition way? Then 
these labels are really something for you and your dog to show that your dog is a ball-crazy flyballer.

The labels are provided with velcro on the back. The Velcro is sewn so that it can be changed easily 
on the dog harness with, for example, personalized name tags. The imprint is colourfast and will 
therefore not fade or disappear.So these labels are very durable. These Flyball labels effortlessly 
last a dog's life.

How much
When you order this label; you will receive a set of two equal Flyball labels. One for left and 
one for right on the harness.

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