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Set printed labels especially made for EIMAR, this small set in the size of 11×3 cm. Ofcourse there is velcro sewn at the back, for easy stick at the harness.

Very nice readable and all the space of the label has been filled, also with nice, red harts at both sides. The font is ‘ravie’. The colour of the text is ‘glow in the dark’. At what colour of harness you will put them on, no matter what because they will fit fantastic. When the labels could have loaded their power in light, they will glow for a while, easy to read in the dark by the glow in the dark print.

It is a set printed labels of to pieces. One for the right side of the harness and one for the left side of the harness. Finished in one go.

Sometimes the order cannot be delivered and returns to us, sometimes we make a mistake during the production process like wrong color or else. That is why we offer these labels with reduction.

Has Eimar nog harness yet? Please check this page.


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Weight 18 g