Color & Gray Collar with closable handle and safety lock Black

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Tough collar for spicey dogs with a neck size from 38 cm to 70 cm.

This collar has a double closure. In addition to the safety buckle, there is also a Velcro closure, called as safety lock. There is a sturdy handle on top of the collar. Ideal for dogs that are fast or would like to drop out.

Necklace is available in 4 beautiful colors: black, red, pink, blue.

Sturdy collar that can be personalized with beautiful text labels, while it is equipped with velcro strip loop for attaching name tag.

Attach cool text label to the collar with name or nickname. We recommend a text label of 11×3 cm.

This collar is available in two sizes.

Length: 38-53 cm / width: 4 cm
Length: 49-70 cm / width: 5 cm

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