Australian Shepherd Mix


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Australian Shepherd car window sticker. This sticker is about 10 cm of size, that is why it is a handy size.

This Australian Shepherd sticker shows different colors of coat as Blue Merle, Red Merle, black.

Stick this beautiful Aussie sticker at your car, camper, or trailer. So you let everyone see you are a real fan of the Aussie.

Uninvited guests do not like dogs. So stick your Aussie window sticker at your front door en/or fence door. 

This sticker is fine en also keeps well in sunlight. The image is about 10 cm in diameter and smooth in structure.

Small stickers are sent in a sturdy envelope.
Nice to know: Because the 'Aussie' is bred to shepherd sheep all day together, this breed has a lot of work and endurance.

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