Are the labels suitable for my harness

Our labels do have the standard sizes of 8×2 cm, 11 x 3 cm and 16 x 5 cm and have velcro at the back so that they are suitable for most brands of harnesses, for example Dogtech, Doxlock, Equest4Dogs, Ezydog, Heim, Julius K-9, Karlie etc. All harnesses which you can stick a label to the velcro.

Can I make an own design

For those who are really familiar with different kind of software programs and are kapabel of making their own design, we offer ‘own design’ labels. Very unique and very special. For this type of labels you have to make your own design and enclose this with your order (for explanation klik hier).

How many labels you get

When you order a set of labels, then you will get two equal labels; one label for the left and one label for the right side of the harness. When you order a single label, you will get one label. If you want two different labels, than you order two times one singel label. For each label you can desire what text you want and which font and color you choose.

Where can I buy name tags?

Nametags you can buy with K9-Label. At our homepage you will find the possibilities from which you can choose. For example embroidered with name, printed with own name, or standard Julius labels. Ofcourse your own creation uploaden with the  design labels is also possible and the creations of our own design department with with sporting labels, of flag labels are even possible. 

Which labels can I choose?

At K9 label you can choose from 5 different kind of labels:

  • Embroidered naamtags with own name
  • Pressed naamtags with own name
  • Standard Julius nametags with standard text; as long as are available
  • Design labels at your own creation
  • Specials by our design department, like sporting labels, festivity labels, flaglabels

Choice of  3 different sizes; 8×2, 11×3 cm en 16×5 cm.


My own design label fray

Please remove the labels cautios off the harness. Than go with a flame gently along the fringes, they will melt away. Take care! Please be cautios.

Some wires loose on the embroidered label

Please remove the label cautios off the harness and take a scissors and use the point of the scissors to carefully cut off some loose wire. Take care! Be cautios.

The labels are dirty

Please remove the labels gently of the harness and remove the filth or mud cautios with a cloth and some lukewarm water, for the printed labels you potential may use a soft brush.

Order & delivery

Do you deliver to the rest of the world

We know no boundaries and our badges find their way all over the world. Our packages mostly fit in your letterbox, so you don’t need to be at home when deliverd.

What are the shipping costs

The next shipment costs are for 1 set labels by PostNL:

  Mini Small Large
Europe  € 2,06  € 2,06  € 3,81
World  € 2,06  € 2,06  € 3,81

When you order more sets at the same time, the shipment costs will be calculated by weight and send by DPD.

When will my order be shipped

We strive at all times, orders which we received before 15:00 pm and which are payed for at the same time, to send them at the same day. Sometimes it will not succeed the same day, because of very busy work, but you can trust on it that we send the labels within three days maximum for sure.